Thursday, October 07, 2004

Black squirrel returns!

He came prancing along the fence yesterday, and ended up spending the majority of the morning exploring all the food and water sources in the back yard. It was wonderful. :)

Right after I published this post he showed up again! He was hanging over the fence, drinking from the new bird bath. He is remarkably shiny. :)

He seems much more exploritory than our other squirrels. Right now he is romping all over the garden, sniffing at this and that, and climbing over everything. I have a very hard time turning away from the window when he is out there.

Side note:Blue jays really are remarkably beautiful when they swoop into the garden with the morning sun shining on their fully spread wings.

Regretfully, I must go about my morning. I leave my little black squirrel, nibbling the sunflower seeds that have fallen amongst my impatiens. He's such a helpful little fellow! :)


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